Winter Camping Awards

These three unique winter camping award patches are only available from Pacific Skyline Council

Snowflake Award patch

The SNOWFLAKE AWARD is for participation in snow activities, while sleeping in a cabin, RV, or camper. Cub Scouts may qualify for this award.

Polar Bear Award patch

The POLAR BEAR AWARD is for those who camped in the snow (tent or snow shelter) for at least one night. Must be age 11 or older.

Arctic Wolf Award patch

The ARCTIC WOLF AWARD is for Scouts completing an overnight backpack including snow travel on snowshoes or skis, including camping in the snow at least one mile from the trailhead. Must be age 14 OR age 13 and graduated from the eighth grade, or older.

2Award Requirements
    1. For the Snowflake or Polar Bear Awards, the trip leader must attend the District Winter Camping Seminar (Roundtable session) or Council course, Winter and Snow Camping Safety for Scout Leaders. The Council course, Winter and Snow Camping Safety for Scout Leaders, is required for the Arctic Wolf Award. The Northern Tier Okpik or Philmont Kanik courses may be substituted for the Council course.
    1. A parents’ meeting must be held to explain the trip and equipment requirements. At least one parent of a Scout must attend for the Scout to be eligible.
    1. A special learning experience must be held for those Scouts going on the winter trip. Winter safety must be taught, including a showing and discussion of a winter camping and safety video. Scouts and Scouters seeking the Arctic Wolf Award must have previously earned the Polar Bear Award and participate in a winter backpack briefing.
  1. After the trip, an application must be submitted to the Scouting Service Center for patches for those Scouts and Scouters who qualified for the awards.
Award Application

Download Winter Camping Awards requirements and application.  (fillable PDF, updated 7/22/22).