Unit Websites

Many have their own websites as listed below.

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Cub Scout logo
Cub Scout Packs by District

Stanford District
Pack 49 Palo Alto
Pack 66 Palo Alto
Pack 74 Los Altos
Pack 78 Los Altos/Los Altos Hills
Pack 80 Mountain View
Pack 84 Mountain View
Pack 87 Mountain View
Pack 627 Palo Alto

Redwood District
Pack 12 San Mateo
Pack 27 San Mateo
Pack 58 Hillsborough
Pack 61 Redwood Shores
Pack 65 San Carlos
Pack 83 Belmont
Pack 128 Burlingame
Pack 132 San Mateo
Pack 153 San Carlos
Pack 301 San Carlos
Pack 447 Foster City
Pack 458 San Mateo
Pack 565 Menlo Park
Pack 991 Redwood City/ Woodside

Discovery District
Pack 255 Montara
Pack 290 San Bruno

Fleur de lis
Scouts BSA Troops by District

Stanford District
Troop 5 Palo Alto
Troop 14 Palo Alto
Troop 30 Los Altos Hills
Troop 31 Los Altos
Troop 33 Los Altos
Troop 37 Los Altos
Troop 50 Palo Alto
Troop 57 Palo Alto
Troop 66 Palo Alto
Troop 75 Los Altos
Troop 76 Los Altos
Troop 80 Mountain View
Troop 87 Mountain View
Troop 103 Los Altos
Troop 627 Palo Alto
Troop 888 Silicon Valley

Redwood District
Troop 27 San Mateo
Troop 28 Burlingame
Troop 44 San Mateo
Troop 47 Foster City
Troop 61 Redwood Shores
Troop 64 Portola Valley
Troop 101 Burlingame
Troop 109 Menlo Park
Troop 149 Redwood City
Troop 156 Burlingame
Troop 175 Foster City
Troop 206 Atherton
Troop 222 Menlo Park
Troop 301 Belmont
Troop 321 San Carlos

Discovery District
Troop 29
Troop 72
San Bruno
Troop 255 Montara
Troop 263 Half Moon Bay
Troop 355 Millbrae

Venturing logo
Venture Crews
Sea Scout logo
Sea Scout Ships

Crew 27 San Mateo