Unit Recharter Instructions

Youth Protection Training is required of all leaders, and they cannot be reregistered if their YPT has expired. This important training must be renewed every two years. Please check your status at https://my.scouting.org. Learn more about YPT here.

NEW THIS YEAR! All registered volunteers must fully comply with California law AB 506, including taking the state’s 2 Hour Mandated Reporter Training, filling out the new Background Check Consent Form, and completing Live Scan fingerprintingLearn more here

Checklist on clipboard, courtesy of Freepik.com2023 Unit Recharter Process

Welcome to the Pacific Skyline Council unit recharter instructions. The Boy Scouts of America has provided a very simple tool to accomplish rechartering online, which we ask all units to use.

The Recharter Guidebook below will walk you through the annual process to ensure common errors are avoided. Take your time and read instructions completely. This will help save you time and energy.

Rechartering on time is critical. It is required for units to continue registration without interruption. It is required to ensure Scouts are registered, critical for receiving rank advancement and other awards, and for insurance coverage. Completing and submitting your recharter by the deadline is required for units to qualify for the Journey to Excellence Award.

Why Charters?

The BSA issues charters to community organizations to enable them to use the Scouting program under their own leadership as a service to their children, youth, and families. Rechartering is the process of renewing the charter agreement between the BSA and the organization, and renewing the registration of youth and adult members. Every unit must recharter annually.

Helpful Documents:

2023 Charter Renewal GuidebookClick to download (updated 11/2/22)
This Guidebook provides tips and how to prepare for online recharter.

2023 Charter Renewal Step-by-Step Guide Click to download (updated 9/12/22)
Keep this guide handy when you are doing the actual online recharter. Guide includes screenshots so you can know what to expect in advance.

2023 Charter Renewal Checklist Click to download (updated 9/22/22)
This checklist tells what is needed to include with the online recharter printout for submission.

Journey to Excellence Score Card Click to choose and download the correct score card for your type of unit.  This form must be filled out, signed, and separately emailed to your District Director for your recharter to be complete!

        2022 JTE Unit Scorecards:    PACKS    TROOPS    CREWS    SHIPS    POSTS

Annual Unit Charter Agreement Download the agreement. This form must be filled out, signed, and separately emailed to your District Director for your recharter to be complete!

FAQ Click to download (updated 9/23/22)

Background Checks The Criminal Background Check (CBC) authorization form is required for every adult on your roster, as these forms are required by the National BSA organization and are a necessary part of our Youth Protection program. The recharter system will notify you if an adult on your roster is missing this form. We will not be able to finalize your recharter until we have a form from each adult. If you are aware of an adult that has not turned in the form, please collect and upload it to your recharter – it saves a lot of time on the back end! Download the form here

Key Elements This Year
  • BSA has set up online rechartering at the Internet Advancement web page. Access to the rechartering section of the site is provided to those registered as Unit Key 3 (Committee Chair, Unit Leader, or Chartered Organization Rep). Access to online rechartering can also be assigned to a Key 3 Delegate. Use your my.scouting.org username and password to login to Internet Advancement. 
  • NEW THIS YEAR! All registered volunteers must fully comply with California law AB 506, including taking the state’s 2 Hour Mandated Reporter Training, filling out the new Background Check Consent Form, and completing Live Scan fingerprinting. The Background Check Consent Form is different from the BSA’s Criminal Background Check (CBC) form noted above and the two forms are not interchangeable. For details, visit www.californiascouting.org. It is recommended to have all adults on your recharter roster complete the AB 506 requirements prior to recharter opening on November 1 to ensure a smoother recharter.
  • It is strongly reccommended that all units use online applications for youth and adults.  Online applications sync overnight and show up on your unit’s recharter roster.
  • This year all charters will be completed online in their entirety in Internet Advancement.
  • The unit Key 3 and any unit Key 3 delegate who has been appointed by the Key 3 can access Internet Rechartering using the same credentials used to access Scoutbook.com or My.Scouting.org
  • Chartered organizations will approve the charter electronically this year.
  • Fees must be paid online.  Important!  Please ensure your recharter roster is correct before submitting final payment.  If you have questions, including questions on multiple registrations, please contact Adela Wright.
  • There is no need to bring a recharter packet to the office.  New youth and adult paper applications added during recharter should be uploaded into the recharter system.  Journey to Excellence score cards and annual unit charter agreements should be emailed directly to your District Director.

• Early October – Unit Key 3 will receive recharter details.

• Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – Online rechartering starts.

• Friday, December 16, 2022 – All recharters must be completed online

2023 Recharter Fees

The Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board has approved a new annual registration fee. The Pacific Skyline Council Executive Board has also approved a new fee structure. See the links below for our new fee structure.

These fees are collected through the recharter process and 100% of the national registration amount collected is transmitted immediately to the National Council.

Fee Structure documents:
Chart pdf (rev. 7/29/22)

Recharter is first and foremost about the youth and adults in your unit.

It is our shared responsibility to ensure that everyone who believes that they are registered in the Boy Scouts of America are registered in the correct unit. All of the information collected during this process is vital to ensuring that the Council and our volunteers can serve your unit during the coming year.

Ready to Start the Recharter?

Starting November 1, a member of the Unit Key 3 or a Key 3 delegate will use their normal credentials to log into Internet Advancement to begin the recharter. (A delegate must be assigned by a member of the Key 3. The Key 3 member designates the delegate in my.scouting.org).


All new member applications for both youth and adults must be submitted in the month that the individuals join. The best method for new members to join your unit is utilizing the online application system. When using the online system, all national and Council fees are automatically collected for the remainder of the current charter year. If you must use paper applications, please take them to either the Foster City or Palo Alto Scout Service Center with appropriate registration fees at least one week prior to logging in and starting charter renewal. This will allow us to process your registrations and have them appear on your internet recharter roster when you load it. You can complete steps 1-3 of the internet recharter while you wait for applications to be processed.


Contact our Registrar or your District Director:
• Registrar – Adela Wright, (650) 341.5633 x112, adela.wright@scouting.org
• Discovery District – Henry Reyes, (650) 327.5900, henry.reyes@scouting.org
• Redwood District – Tom Kenney, (650) 341.5633 x 114, thomas.kenney@scouting.org
• Stanford District – Rand Mahoney, (925) 899.3840, rand.mahoney@scouting.org