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Welcome to PacSky’s Unit Fundraiser —

Your unit can fund your Scouts’ NEXT GREAT ADVENTURE with Popcorn!

Attention All Scouts!

Are you interested in funding your Scouting adventures?

Reward yourself! Earn Amazon gift cards to buy anything you want!

Popcorn is the answer!

If your unit is not selling popcorn, and you’d like to earn Amazon gift cards now you can! Let us know and we can set you up individually. Contact Tom Kenney tom.kenney@scouting.org

Why sell popcorn?
  • Online Direct Sales delivers the product directly to consumer. No need to touch product.
  • Turn-key unit fundraiser – No upfront money required
  • Scouts can earn their own way in Scouting with just one fundraiser a year.
  • Personal growth program for Scouts with BSA advancement opportunities
  • Over 73% supports local Scouting programs.
  • High quality and the best tasting products
  • Multiple ways to sell – Storefront Sales, Wagon Sales, Take Order, and Online Sales.
How do we keep it safe?
  • Show and Sell (table sales) with the trails end app allows for contactless payment, especially while using a Bluetooth Square reader.

  • Trails End has created a Direct-to-Consumer model that allows for Social Distancing! With this model, there is no need to handle any products!

How does a unit start?
  • Click the red commit button at the top of the page
  • Unit leaders, take the Trails-End training: https://www.trails-end.com/webinars AND one of the PacSky trainings listed below in the training section.
My unit is selling popcorn, how do my Scouts start to sell?
  1. Download the app at app.trails-end.com
  2. Set up an account
  3. When prompted, select “Pacific Skyline Council”
  4. When prompted for a district, select your district
  5. When prompted for a unit, enter your Unit Type (Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship, Post) and Unit Number
  6. Start selling – All your sales will be wagon sales (undelivered) or online which you can do direct from the app.
  7. Collect payment via credit card on the app.
My unit isn’t selling popcorn, how do I start to sell?
We would be happy to set you up to start fundraising with popcorn!

Contact Tom Kenney: thomas.kenney@scouting.org

Tom Kenney
Pacific Skyline Council 2020 Popcorn Staff Advisor
Text (415) 608.1982
2021 Training

Units must attend training from Trail’s End and Council.

Trail’s End Training for new and returning Kernels:

Sign up for a Trails End webinar here: https://www.trails-end.com/webinars

Council Specific Training Dates:
Pre-Register for the following training dates!

July 15, 7 PM Zoom
August 11, 7 PM Zoom

2021 Important Dates

2021 rough timeline popcorn
2021 Popcorn
Sell with the Trail’s End App

Simplify Your Popcorn Sale! It allows you to easily schedule families for storefront sales, track your sales, process credit cards with Square, and manage inventory better. Best of all, NO CREDIT CARD FEES! Click HERE (video) for more.

Prize Program

Trail’s End has improved the prize program for 2021! Scouts will be able to choose their own prize with an Amazon Gift Card! Decide what you want to buy and the sky is the limit! Scouts must have a registered Trail’s End account on www.trails-end.com in order to redeem their Amazon.com Gift Cards (another important reason to download the app). You can earn up to 10% of total sales in an Amazon.com gift cards. 

Learn more about Trail’s End Rewards


Plan your unit kickoff!

Text KICKOFF to 62771 to download the kickoff presentation template.

Trail’s End Popcorn Community on Facebook


Trail’s End App Training and Information

App Information
App Scout Training
Email Trail’s End App Support: teappsupport@trails-end.com

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