Annually, Pacific Skyline Council spends about $2,700,000 on providing quality programs for the youth of our communities. This money is largely raised through voluntary donations.

Where does the money go?

The council spends 88% of all donations and revenue on providing programs back to our youth in one form or another. The chart below explains:

Total Expenses graphic
Where does the money come from?

Scouting is designed to be affordable for anyone. The annual membership fee for being a Scout is $60. The entirety of that fee is given to the National Council to cover the costs of the excellent work they do in supporting Scouting across the nation. None of a Scout’s membership fees directly supports the local council. The council charges an Insurance Recovery Fee is $24 to help offset the rising cost of insurance.

Funding for the Pacific Skyline Council comes from a variety of sources described in the chart below:

Total Support graphic

Each year, the council asks participating families to pay their “Fair Share” of this pie, $250. This donation is completely voluntary but as more families participate, the council becomes more able to offer high quality programs for our Scouts. The more support we are able to raise, the more lives we are able to touch with the values and message of Scouting.

What are all these funds for?

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How Can I Help?

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2022 Annual Report

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