Scoutmaster Tips

Scouts BSA boys dining outdoors at Oljato

Scoutmasters suggested we include a section providing suggestions that only experience can provide.

Here is a collection of those ideas:
  • Plan your schedule wisely to include as many of camp’s programs as possible.
  • 1st year campers should only attempt moderately easy merit badge.
  • Limit merit badge work three to four.
  • Review the difficulty level of all badges. Many merit badges require advance work before coming to camp. All Scouts must review requirements and come prepared.
  • Scouts should be allowed to try something new and in a variety of camp areas.
  • Organize the attending patrols before coming to camp. Utilize existing patrol leadership and structure as much as possible.
  • Schedule some rest during the day as well as at night.
  • Be a spirited troop all over camp.
  • Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.
Scoutmaster’s Final Checklist

This checklist will be helpful in assisting unit leaders to make a final recap before leaving for camp.

  • Tour Plan completed and filed at Scout office. (Minimum of 2 weeks before Camp)
  • Medical forms completed and signed.
  • Parental permission forms signed, they are part of the Medical Health form.*
  • Final roster of Scouts and adults completed.*
  • Back up adult leadership ready and trained – 2 deep.*
  • All boy and leader fees paid at Scout office, four weeks in advance*
  • All transportation and drivers set – or bus form turned in at least six weeks in advance.
  • Unit equipment checked and loaded.
  • All Scouts’ equipment checked and loaded.
  • Tentative unit program needs prepared, mailed to camp three weeks in advance – special requests, trips, outings, etc.*
  • Special unit advancement supplies, merit badge books, etc.
  • Sufficient funds for emergencies.
  • Vehicles and trailers safety checked, flares, insurance information, etc

* NOTE: BSA policy prevents us from allowing private boats to dock at our camp. All items marked with an asterisk * must be turned in during unit registration as soon as you arrive in camp. If any information is not available, please inform the business manager at the time of registration. If you can answer “yes” to all these items, then you’re prepared for an enjoyable stay at camp.