Why Scouting for Your Family?

Enjoy these testimonials from Scouts, Scout leaders and parents about how Scouting has bettered their lives . . .

From five of our first female Eagle Scouts:
“As soon as I knew it was going to be a possibility for me to do it, I was like, ‘yes please.’” “I started my project during the pandemic, which definitely added to the challenge of logistics and coordinating work. The challenges helped me learn so much more about leading a team. The project was really special to me because it merged two of my important communities and added value to a place that is very special to me.”
– Callie M.

“As soon as I heard that Boy Scouts was opening up to girls, I wanted to be a part of that.” “I have had multiple times where I learn a skill and the next day, I’m turning around and teaching it, which is very nerve-wracking when you aren’t completely confident in what you’re teaching, but it taught me how to be a teacher.” “I can be myself, and other girls like me because we find our people.”
– Katie C.

“The opening of Boy Scouts of America to girls gives girls another option if they want it. And it allows them to just choose what activities they want to do and what they want to focus on. We have more of a responsibility to be visible and show younger girls that we are Eagle Scouts and that we do exist. And that’s been really important to me, to show the younger girls in our troop that they can do these things and they can be in leadership roles like senior patrol leader, where they’re in charge of a big group and they have real responsibility.”
– Sarah M.

“I think it’s actually beneficial for the boys too, because someday they’re going to be in the workforce having to work with women and be led by women. And they’re learning now how to be respectful and how to work cohesively in a co-ed environment. The real life situations that Scouting has provided to me make me realize all the different nuances of treating people and how emotional factors weigh into everything.”
– Elizabeth Wu

“It’s like a whole new step for equality. I know for a lot of the younger girls in my troop, it was really important. I’m hoping that a lot of young girls will learn that the outdoors isn’t just for boys, and that girls can do it too.”
– Katie S.

Why not try Scouting? We offer the things that young men need most—life skills, character development, leadership skills that will be used throughout life, citizenship awareness and exposure to the outdoors beyond anything offered elsewhere.Jim L., Scout Parent and Scout Leader

Scouting has brought out the leadership quality of my son. He has grown above and beyond what we thought he would do.”

“What have I learned from Scouting? Leadership. The proper technique to get my husband out of the house.”


“Scouting in three words? That’s easy—

–Bear Grylls, Chief Scout UK, British adventurer, writer, and star of television reality series Man vs. Wild.

“Andrew has only been to summer camp once. He enjoyed the whole experience and grew 1.5 inches in a week.”

“Our son’s growth into a young man of good character and strong leadership skills was, in no small part, a result of his time in Scouting. He had great experiences in the outdoor program, particularly in wilderness backpacking, and developed confidence and self-reliance that he would not have been able to gain anywhere else.”

“I’ve learned patience, perseverance, and leadership and have benefited greatly from meeting many physical and mental challenges in arduous tasks. I cherish the memories of wilderness places visited and relationships that were strengthened by sharing the experiences.”

“Closing campfires are always special at Camp Oljato. Scoutmasters BBQ’s on Thursdays are fun and helped build relationships with other unit leaders and parents. Our Scouts have had a blast with the Olympicade.”

“Scouting is something that helped shape my character as a youth, and is something that I love and believe in as an adult. The relationships, experiences, and memories I’ve gotten from Scouting are priceless, and I feel blessed to have spent the last decade surrounded by the wonderful young men in our troop.”

“Scouting has helped my son mature and develop good leadership skills. He has a great deal of confidence.”

“What have I learned from Scouting? Too much to write down. It is the greatest program around!

It filled in the gaps between schooling and home life. It has given him an appreciation for the outdoors and a reason for doing the right thing.”

“My children learned that self-reliance can only come from mastering skills.”

“I’ve learned from Scouting that character counts, always, everywhere. Character must be modeled for others and it must be taught. Also that a well-articulated code like the Oath and Law makes it easier to live a virtuous life.”

“My child’s best experience at camp was building a back country camp, occupying it for a week of high quality training and then tearing it down and leaving it as though we were never there.”

“Scouting means an opportunity to build skills, fitness, and character in youth and adults.”

“Before my son joined Boy Scouts he was timid, socially awkward, and unwilling to try new adventures. This year he earned his Eagle Scout award, and is outgoing, adventurous, respectful. My daughter has also been affected greatly, and enjoys the fellowship and adventures of Scout outings.”

“I have learned the joy of making a difference. A satisfaction in helping boys become young men, and good citizens.”

“It is an opportunity for boys who may not fit into a sport or club at school, and it gives them a safe environment to fit in and grow.”