2019 California Fire Explorer Academy

The week of April 8-14, Fire Explorers from the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, attended the California Fire Explorer Academy.

Each day of the fire academy consisted of 10 hours of physical training in different fire service trainings.

The California Fire Explorer Academy is a week-long, intense physical and mental fire explorer academy. Fire Explorers from across the states of California and Nevada come together and participate in this annual fire academy. This year’s fire academy was #45 and hosted 153 fire explorers from 31 fire departments.


This year’s academy covered:

• Auto Extrication
• Firefighter Skills
• Structural Firefighting (Fire Control 3B)
• Wildland Firefighting
• Technical Rope Rescue

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Great job to the Menlo Park Fire Protection District explorers who attended and graduated from this year’s academy!
For more information on how to become a Fire Explorer, you can email Exploring Specialist Kim Trask at kim.trask@scouting.org or learn more here.