Eagles in the News

Terence Lee
Eagle Project Earns Congressional Medal

For his Eagle Service Project, Lee organized a program to recycle, refurbish and redeploy unwanted computers to help educate underprivileged youth at the San Jose-based nonprofit Sunday Friends, a recipient of the Town Crier Holiday Fund.

Dr. Roderick Neale
101-Year-Old Peninsula Eagle Scout

86 years after Roderick Malcolm Neale, M.D. earned his Eagle Scout Award in Troop 119, San Mateo – today, at 101 years old, Dr. Neale reminisces about the significance of Scouting in his life and for youth (and parents) in 2014.

Dr. Roderick Neale
101-Year-Old Peninsula Eagle Scout Seeks Lifetime NESA Membership

Dr. Roderick Neale earned his Eagle Scout Award on December 3, 1928 with Troop 119, San Mateo County Council. In December of 2013, he decided to purchase a Lifetime NESA membership as a personal Christmas gift to himself.

Robert Beresford Williams
Establishes Veterans Initiative
Distinguished Eagle Scout, 2012 Pacific Skyline Council’s Distinguished Citizen Award co-honoree receives recognition for his Veterans Initiative involving colleges and high schools all across the country honoring veterans at their home football game closest to Veterans Day. See NBC’s “Bay Area Proud” video here.
Samuel Moore
National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award 2011

While Sam was in Tanzania, he visited a primary school called the Maya School. He toured the school, spent a few hours in the classrooms, and met with the headmaster. When Sam began thinking about his Eagle project, he decided to do something for the Maya School.

George Maher
Receives Eagle Scout Award at age 85--70 Years Late

George was a 16-year-old who had signed up to join the Navy to fight in World War II. Still, George wanted to get that Eagle Scout badge before he shipped out. All that was left was his board of review hearing. The hearing was scheduled for March 10, 1944. It started, but it never ended.

Patrick Selover
New Eagle Scout Finds a Way to Give Back to Peninsula Scouting in Perpetuity.

Patrick Selover spoke the Eagle Scout Promise for the first time at his Eagle Court of Honor. These new words . . . “to make my training an example, my rank and influence count strongly for better Scouting, and for better citizenship, in my troop, in my community” . . . took on a special challenge. Patrick knew what he wanted to do.

James Holmes
Provides 75 veterans basic necessities

James Holmes presented his Eagle Scout project that provided 75 backpacks to homeless veterans. Each backpack was filled with a blanket, t-shirt, socks, hat and gloves, shaving kit and toiletry items, flashlight and extra batteries, water bottle and food items — so useful to our homeless vet population.

Vishank Battar
Scout spends holiday collecting hundreds of pairs of shoes for charity

“I just wanted to do a project that would help a lot of people,” said Vishank. When he started, he hoped to collect 400 pairs of shoes. A young Bay Area Scout spent the past two weeks collecting more than a thousand pairs of shoes for people who need them.

Palo Alto Eagle Scouts
Troop 57 Eagle Scouts Make a Lasting Contribution to the Community

One of the main reasons that so few boys persevere to Eagle rank is that it is a long and demanding process. Given the difficulty of reaching this goal, Palo Alto Pulse decided to meet a few of the students from Palo Alto’s Troop 57 who are pursuing Eagle Scout rank to learn why they decided to take on this endeavor.

Patrick Tornes
Commended by County Supervisors for Community Service

Supervisor Slocum had gone to the Maple Street Shelter to see Patrick’s project and had taken a picture of the garden with the benches which he had up on the monitors. He talked about Patrick, his activities and interests and told everyone about his Eagle Scout project.

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