Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA)


The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award is a national honor established in 1969 to acknowledge Eagle Scouts who have received extraordinary national-level recognition, fame, or eminence within their field, and have a strong record of voluntary service to their community.

Only Eagle Scouts who earned the Eagle Scout rank a minimum of 25 years previously are eligible for nomination. The award is given by the National Eagle Scout Association upon the recommendation of a committee of Distinguished Eagle Scouts.

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Distinguished Eagle Scouts in Pacific Skyline Council
Robert Beresford Williams Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

Robert Beresford Williams
2011 DESA Recipient
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Bill Stark, Jr.

Bill Stark, Jr.
2011 DESA Recipient
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NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA)

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council’s NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level.

Unlike the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, which is a national award, the NOESA recognizes Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a positive impact closer to home.

The presentation of this award should be conducted with the highest level of honor. Often, these men have devoted a lifetime to their profession, avocation, community, and beliefs, at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. Each recipient should receive recognition worthy of a lifetime’s accomplishments.

Learn more about the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award here.

Outstanding Eagle Scouts in Our Council
Irv Holmes

2018 NOESA Recipient

Bill Reller
2014 NOESA Recipient
Bill Floyd, a Lifetimes of Achievement honoree, sits at a desk at his home in Portola Valley on April 23, 2012.  Photo by Veronica Weber.

Bill Floyd
2013 NOESA Recipient