Unit Recharter Instructions

Checklist on clipboard, courtesy of Freepik.com2023 Pacific Skyline Council Unit Recharter Process

Recharter will be the same as last year – same system, same process.

Rechartering on time is critical. It is required for units to continue registration without interruption. It is required to ensure Scouts are registered, critical for receiving rank advancement and other awards, and for insurance coverage. Completing and submitting your recharter by the deadline is required for units to qualify for the Journey to Excellence Award.

Recharter opens on November 1 and is due December 15.

This gives us time to work out issues with your unit’s recharter–and the other 150+ units–before the council’s final cut off date to submit it to National. Start early and ask for help early. Please don’t wait to complete your recharter.

A Completed Recharter Includes

  • Online recharter submission, with online Chartered Organization Representative (COR) approval, and all issues found in the council’s review of your submission resolved
  • Payment, either online or paid at the council office
  • Annual Charter Agreement submitted to Unit Commissioner or District Executive
  • Journey to Excellence scorecard submitted to Unit Commissioner District Executive

Who Can Access the Recharter Tool

  • Packs, Troops, Crews and Ships: Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, Unit Leader, and any Key 3 Delegate assigned in my.scouting
  • Posts: Post Advisor and Committee Chair

Where to Access the Recharter Tool

Log into Internet Advancement (use your my.scouting username and password) at advancements.scouting.org. Look for the Recharter link in the left sidebar. 

View the step-by-step Rechartering User Guide walkthrough (with screenshots) to learn how to use the recharter tool.

Simplify Recharter by Taking These Steps Before November 1

  • Make sure your roster is up to date. Make changes prior to November 1, when my.scouting’s Position Manager will be disabled. Changes submitted on your recharter won’t take effect until February 2024.
    • Do you need to change your Chartered Organization or any of your Key 3 Leaders?
    • Are other adult leaders registered in the correct position they are serving in?
    • Have any scouts turned 18 and need to submit an adult application?
    • Do you have new member applications to submit? All applications for youth and adults must be submitted in the month that the individuals join. The best method for new members to join your unit is utilizing the online application system. If you haven’t already, enable online applications in my.scouting’s Organization Manager > Unit Pin.
  • Confirm that you have the minimum number of registered adult volunteers. See the list here.
  • Confirm that all registered adult volunteers have YPT that is valid at least through February 2024 and completed AB506. Anyone who has not completed AB506 will be removed from your recharter roster or, if that is not possible for some reason, they will be suspended when the recharter renews in February.
  • Confirm the primary registration unit for Multiples on your roster. If you have adults or youth registered in more than one unit (“Multiple” registration), confirm which unit will recharter the member as a paid member and which will include them as a non-paid Multiple.
  • Determine who should not be included on your recharter roster.
  • Collect recharter fees for all returning youth and adult members who were registered prior to August 1, 2023. Everyone registered August 1 and later will show as $0.00 due and “Pre Paid” so you do not need to collect recharter fees for these members. For Troops, Crews, and Ships, the Good Turn Assessment, which is not included in recharter fees, will be due on April 30, 2024.
  • Review our Recharter FAQ. It answers a lot of common questions and issues.

Recharter Fees

Annual Recharter Fee: $100

Current Fees for Individuals: See table and PDF below

Cub Scouts Scouts BSA Venturing Sea Scouts Adults (except Exploring) Exploring Youth & Adults
National Membership Fee + Council Program Fee
New Member Fee
Scout Life (Optional)
Varies by Member

Payment Methods

Units can choose to pay online via Credit Card or EFT/e-Check or choose to pay by check at the council office. If paying by check, select the Pay-at-Council payment option and bring or mail your check to the Foster City Service Center at 1150 Chess Drive, Foster City CA 94404. If you select the Pay-at-Council method, your recharter will not be finalized until payment is received. See the Recharter FAQ for important details about payments.

Charter Agreement and Journey to Excellence

You will need to separately download the Charter Agreement form and the Journey to Excellence (JTE) scorecard and have them completed and signed. Send these completed forms to your Unit Commissioner or District Executive. These are required for your recharter to be complete, but can’t be submitted through the Internet Advancement recharter tool. 

The Charter Agreement must be signed by the Executive Officer (in the line marked Charter Organization), Chartered Organization Representative, and the Committee Chair and the council.

Select the correct Charter Agreement and/or Facility Use Agreement for your Unit

The Journey to Excellence scorecard evaluates your unit’s performance over the last year. It’s a tool to help you reflect on your unit’s strengths and identify focus areas to continue building a successful program. It must be signed by the Unit Leader and Committee Chair, and Unit Commissioner. 

Select the correct Journey to Excellence scorecard for your Unit

Pack     Troop     Crew     Ship     Post

Recharter Training 

Zoom presentation by Adela Wright, registrar, on 11.07.2023

Need Assistance? 

Review our Recharter FAQ for answers to common questions and issues

Contact your Unit Commissioner, District Executive, or Council Registrar by phone, by email, or in-person at the Foster City Service Center or Palo Alto Service Center. Click here for contact information.