Journey to Excellence

"Journey to Excellence" compass on rocky terrain
Make it part of your monthly committee meetings!

Do you know what the best troops, packs, crews and ships all have in common?
You know the troops, packs, crews and ships we mean–the ones that are never at a loss for adult volunteers, the ones that have the strongest programs, the units with the biggest membership bases! Every single one of these units regularly look at the Journey to Excellence scorecard to make sure they are offering the best program to their members. The JTE program was developed years ago to ensure that every Scout gets the best program. Volunteers spent several years developing the program and tweaking it so that the most critical aspects of the Scouting program are brought to the forefront.

Journey to Excellence should not be “just a form” that you (or your recharter processor) pull out at the end of the year to see how you did. JTE should be a roadmap to your unit’s success. It should be reviewed monthly at your committee meetings to identify areas for improvement. It should be reviewed by the full committee, with a key leader keeping score! When a Scout joins, they look forward to years of an amazing program, and JTE helps us keep our promise to that Scout. Your district commissioner team stands ready to assist. Click here for JTE Scorecards and more details.

Your unit’s Journey to Excellence form goes to your Commissioner or your District Director.