Cub Scout Fall Recruitment

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Looking to grow and reinvigorate your pack? Here are some helps!

“Before we can put Scouting’s values into youth, we have to put youth into Scouting.”
2023 Recruitment Night Trainings
High-impact, info-filled virtual meeting! Learn how to conduct a Recruitment Night and how to recruit new adults to your leadership ranks!
We will hold two trainings this fall:
  • Wednesday, August 16
  • Tuesday, August 22

Recruiting New Cub Scouts

The purpose of a Recruitment Night is to enroll new Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts in existing Cub Scout Packs, to enlist parent participation in the program, and to organize new units for youth who want to join.

  • To increase the number of youth served by the Boy Scouts of America in your Cub Scout pack.
  • To showcase the Cub Scout program.  Show that Cub Scouting is fun!
  • To provide parents with information about their role in Cub Scouting, including advancement, Pack participation, and support.
  • To recruit new leaders. Assist the Pack and chartered organization in the selection and enrollment of new adult leaders.
2023 Fall Membership Calendar Key Dates
  • Aug 31 – Schedule two Fall Recruitment Nights and turn in Pack Recruitment Plan to your District Executive
  • Aug 31 – Update pin. Here’s a how-to PDF (updated 5/20/20)
  • 1st Day of School – Recruitment Night promotion begins (yard signs, fliers, B2S nights, uniform days, etc.)
  • By 2nd week of school – Host your pack Recruitment Night
  • By Oct 31 – Host your second pack Recruitment Night
  • After Recruitment Night – Recruitment applications due
  • By Nov 9 – Turn in an updated pack roster to your district executive or district commissioner
The Basics
  • Host your first Fall Recruitment Night preferably within the first 2 weeks of school and no later than 4 weeks.
  • All packs should have a robust promotion plan including flyers, yard signs, banners, posters, and Invite-a-Friend cards.
  • Encourage current scouts to bring friends.
  • We strongly recommend using Invite-a-Friend cards. These cards help your Cub Scouts invite friends to your pack. Full details are in the Cub Scout Pack Recruitment Guide (below) under “STEP THREE: the Cub Pack Recruitment Plan.”
  • Training is vital for new leaders. Direct all new leaders to or in-person training.
  • Never hold the first Fall Recruitment Night in combination with a pack meeting or school-sponsored back-to-school program/open house.
  • Utilize geofencing and other social media to promote your recruitment nights. For very little cash, your pack can easily communicate with families in the neighborhood.31
Turn On Your Pack’s Ability to Accept Online Applications and Update Your Pack’s Pin

It’s more important than ever that your pack update their pin and turn on online applications at Both functionalities are easily turned on by a member of your pack’s Key 3 at by clicking on the Organization Manager. COR’s can also designate a registered member of the pack as an alternate to approve adult applications if desired by adding a COR Delegate in my.scouting. The online system will collect all national and council fees. This means you will not have to bring any paperwork or fees to the office. We encourage every pack to use this functionality for new members to join! Full details at

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