Redwood District

The Redwood District is one of three districts within the Pacific Skyline Council and serves Scouts in Atherton, Belmont, Burlingame, Foster City, Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Mateo, Woodside, and La Honda.

Redwood District Roundtable

Sharing of Scouting’s best practices with all our Redwood Leaders and Scouters. Do not miss these monthly opportunities to learn and have fun. Be a STAR–a Scouter That Attends Roundtable!

Date: First Thursday of each month

  • In-Person:  Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov

  • On Zoom:  Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec

  • No Meeting: Jul, Aug

Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Location: In-person meetings will be held at Redeemer School, 468 Grand St, Redwood City. Park in the lot on the corner of Harrison & Hudson Streets. Use the stairs on the right side of the school building. Room 200, first door on your left.

Recent Activity

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Redwood District Leadership

Advancement Chair & Eagle Coordinator
Pam Fosnes
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Cub Scout Advancement Chair
Judie Gee
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Training Chair
Anne Bonneville
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Scout Camping
Emma Shelton

District Award of Merit Recipients

Community Service and Conservation Service

Community Service Resources

Conservation Project Resources

Pinewood Derby Results- May 5 Redwood Dirstrict Race

2023 Pinewood Derby Rules Redwood District

District Raced planned for May 4, 2024. Details to follow

Eagle Information for Redwood District 

Your Eagle Scout Service Project 

There are several stipulations set forth by National BSA: 

  • There are no required minimum hours for a project. Your project does need to be of sufficient scope to demonstrate leadership and provide a significant service to the beneficiary. 
  • Routine labor is not normally appropriate for a project. 
  • Projects generally may not be of a commercial nature or for a business. 
  • A project may not be a fundraiser. In other words, it may not be an effort that primarily collects money, even for a worthy charity. 
  • No more than one Eagle Scout candidate may receive credit for working on the same Eagle Scout service project. 
  • Projects must not be performed for the Boy Scouts of America, or its councils, districts, units, or properties. 

Your Eagle Scout Service Project MUST be signed by five different people before you begin work on your project: 

  • You 
  • Your Scoutmaster 
  • Someone from your Troop Committee 
  • The Project Beneficiary 
  • The Redwood District Eagle Project Approver 

The first four may sign the paperwork in any order and can be on multiple pages, if needed; however, the District Eagle Project Approver must be the final signature you receive. 

There is currently one person in Redwood District who approve Eagle Projects. Your project must be approved by Mrs. Fosnes, You will need to email her the proposal with all 4 signatures and the images from page C. These files should be pdf or doc files. Please don’t send these files via any links, even Google. A Zoom meeting is required, with a parent to get her signature. 

Completing your Eagle paperwork 

When you have completed your project, you need to do the following: 

  • Fill out the rest of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook completely, including required signatures. 
  • Include about 20 photos showing people working on your project and one or more photos of your completed project.  
  • Complete the Eagle Scout Rank Application and obtain all the required signatures. 
  • Statement from requirement #6 of the above application. Ambitions (at least 1 paragraph), Life Purpose (at least 1 paragraph,) and a list (not a paragraph) of Positions Held and Honors/Awards, including those outside of Scouting. 

Your Project as well as all the other rank requirements and Scoutmaster Conference MUST be completed before your 18th birthday. If you don’t submit your paperwork to the Service Center before your birthday, it should be soon after. We have a limited amount of time to process your paperwork and hold your Eagle Board. This is a stipulation from National. 

Submitting your Eagle paperwork  

When you have completed all the necessary steps for Eagle, you should submit your entire paperwork packet, listed above, to Mrs. Fosnes, and copy your unit leaders and one of both of your parents. This should be presented in a way that shows pride in your work. You are representing yourself to the Eagle Board; you should want to make a good impression. 

Please make sure that the Advancement Chair in your Troop has submitted all your Merit Badges and Rank Advancements to the Council through Scoutbook/Internet Advancement. These should be entered and needs to be at least at the Leader Approved or Awarded level and not at the completed level. Your paperwork cannot be processed and your Eagle Board cannot be scheduled until this is completed. 

Also, please be sure that your Position(s) of Responsibility for the rank of Eagle Scout begins after your Life Board of Review was held, and covers a period of at least six months. 

Your Eagle Scout Board of Review 

When your paperwork has been processed and there are no errors, you will be contacted to schedule your Eagle Scout Board of Review. In Redwood District Eagle Boards are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday’s evenings at 7:30, either on Zoom or in-person at Redeemer School in Redwood City. 

You will be contacted by Mrs. Fosnes to schedule your Eagle Board of Review. If there are issues with your paperwork, they must be addressed prior to scheduling your Board. 

The Eagle Scout Rank is a great achievement. We congratulate all the Eagle Scouts that attain that rank in Redwood District. 

After your Eagle Scout Board of Review 

After your Eagle Board of Review, the results need to be processed with the Council and National offices, which can take up to 5 weeks before your Eagle Certificate is received at the Council office. Your Scoutmaster will be contacted when the Council receives your Eagle Certificate. It is best not to schedule your Eagle Court of Honor for at least 6 weeks after having your Eagle Board, to make sure there are no questions from National.  

Eagle Palms  

For the requirements for Eagle Palms please click here.