Recharter FAQs

Accessing the Recharter Tool

When is my recharter due?

Your unit’s recharter needs to be submitted online by December 15, 2023. We need it submitted well in advance of your unit’s expiration date so that there is time to troubleshoot issues you might have with the tool and answer questions you may have about your recharter. We also need time for the council to review your recharter submission and help you correct any issues, then finalize and submit it to National. We also need time to provide the same assistance and review to the other 150+ units that are rechartering at the same time.

Is there a preferred browser to use for recharter? 

Chrome is the preferred browser. Try an incognito browser window if you’re having trouble. 

Where is the recharter tool located?

Log into Internet Advancement using your standard my.scouting login credentials. Select the unit at the top right, if you belong to more than one unit, and then look for the recharter link in the left sidebar menu. 

Who do I contact if I can’t login? Can you look up my username or reset my password?

Contact Adela Wright, our Council Registrar, at to recover your username and/or reset your password. If you selected to sign in with the Google Login or Apple ID login button when creating your account, we cannot reset your password at the council; however, we can submit a support ticket to National to change your login to a standard BSA login. 

Why don’t I see the recharter link when I log into Internet Advancement? 

You probably don’t have the correct permissions. Make sure you are registered in the correct position to access the recharter tool in Internet Advancement. You must be registered as one of the Unit Key 3 – Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, or Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Skipper, or Post Advisor) – or have been assigned the Functional Position of COR Delegate or Key 3 Delegate in my.scouting. Delegates are not available for the Exploring program. 

  • Need to check your registered position?
  • Need to assign a Key 3 Delegate or COR Delegate?
    • A Unit Key 3 member can assign a Key 3 Delegate. Only the COR can assign a COR Delegate. The steps are the same.
    • Log into, click the Menu button at the top left, select the correct unit in the Organization section, click Organization Manager, then click Position Manager from the left sidebar menu, then click the Functional Positions tab across the top, and select someone from the list under COR Delegate and/or Key 3 Delegate. 
    • Changes will need to sync overnight.

Roster Changes

How do we change our Executive Officer, Chartered Org Rep or other Key 3 Leaders?

    • Executive Officer: A New Unit Application must be filled out and signed by your District Executive, even though it is not a new unit. This is the only BSA form that captures the Executive Officer. This change cannot be made online, including in my.scouting’s Position Manager.
    • Chartered Organization Representative: A new paper/PDF adult application must always be filled out and signed by your Executive Officer. This change can never be made online, including in my.scouting’s Position Manager. If you change your COR on your recharter roster instead, the recharter approval email will likely go to your prior COR instead of the new one.
    • Committee Chair and Unit Leader: 
      • If swapping these positions with someone already on the roster, these positions can be changed by the COR or COR Delegate in my.scouting’s Position Manager through October. After that, the changes must be made in the recharter tool.
      • If replacing these positions with a new member, a new adult application is required. For online applications, you’ll want to add them in a different position (example: Committee Member) and then the COR/COR Delegate can use Position Manager to make the change. If you want this change to be made by the council, a new paper/PDF application is required. Once the recharter tool opens in November, you will need to make these changes on your recharter roster instead. 
    • Note: Changes made in the recharter tool are not effective until February 1, 2024.

Why is my.scouting’s Position Manager grayed out? I want to change our leadership positions but I can’t. 

Position Manager is intentionally disabled during the rechartering period by National. All changes must be made in the recharter tool once the recharter period opens. Review your roster and make any changes prior to November 1. 

How do I change an adult’s registered position in the recharter tool?

Click the gray ‘pencil’ icon at the far end of the person’s row. If you don’t see the icon, use the scroll bar on the bottom of the screen or adjust the zoom setting on your browser. Here’s how to adjust your browser’s zoom settings in Chrome.

I have a member who is registered as a Youth Member, but turned 18. How do I switch them to an Adult Participant or Adult Volunteer in the recharter tool? 

In the recharter tool, you must remove them from your recharter roster (as a Youth Member) and then add them back to the recharter roster in the correct adult position. Be sure their new adult membership is connected to their existing BSA Member ID Number. You must upload a paper/PDF application into the recharter tool to switch a youth member to an adult member. 

Adult Participants: Unit Participants are scouts ages 18+ who are approved by the council to remain registered beyond the age of eligibility or for an approved Eagle extension. Venturing Participants for Crews and Ships as well as Exploring Participants for Posts are youth ages 18-20. Participants do not need to complete AB506, but they do need to complete YPT and submit a paper/PDF adult application. This change can’t be made online through my.scouting’s Position Manager or online applications. 

Adult Volunteers: 18 year olds may also register as a Unit College Scouter Reserve or an Assistant Scoutmaster, which will require them to complete a paper/PDF adult application, YPT and AB506. This change can’t be made online through my.scouting’s Position Manager online applications. 

Unless they are going to actively serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster, it is recommended that 18-20 year old adult volunteers register in the Unit College Scouter Reserve position, otherwise they will be expected to complete the Assistant Scoutmaster position-specific training requirements. 

Even when it’s not time for recharter, the only way to switch a youth member to an adult member is with a paper/PDF application sent to the council office for processing.

Common Recharter Roster Questions

What are common recharter issues that cause delays?

There are number of common issues that can delay your recharter from being finalized, including:

    • Multiples marked incorrectly
    • Youth Protection is missing or expired
    • AB506 is incomplete
    • Applications and other documents are missing signatures
    • Adult and youth applications are incomplete
    • Blank documents are uploaded
    • Youth members turned 18 and need to complete an adult application, YPT, and possibly AB506
    • The recharter submission is not approved online
    • Microtransactions are not approved for EFT/e-Check payments
    • Payment is not received at council when the Pay-at-Council option is selected

What are the current membership fees for youth and adults? 

You can view the current fees here and learn more about the recent fee structure changes here.  

Why are recently registered people missing from my roster?

Click the “Refresh” button in the recharter tool. Most of the time, this will resolve the issue. If it doesn’t, contact the council office.

Why is recently-renewed YPT still showing as expired in the recharter tool? 

It should update after you click the “Refresh” button in the recharter tool. If that doesn’t work, contact the council office. The person likely has two my.scouting accounts and the YPT was completed on the one that is not associated with their registration. It’s also possible that a module was missed when doing the online training. 

How do I remove a member who isn’t renewing?

Click the checkbox next to the person’s name, then click the  “Manage Members” button and select “Remove from Recharter.” 

Why are there no Lion Adult Partners and Tiger Adult Partners on my Pack recharter roster? 

These two positions were discontinued in Spring 2023. They will no longer appear on your roster. If for some reason you do see Adult Partners, please remove them from your roster. Note: Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are different from Lion Guide (aka Lion Den Leader) and Tiger Den Leader roles. 

Does my Executive Officer need YPT and AB056? Can they be registered in another position? Should I mark them as Multiple?

Executive Officers are on your roster as the person on record as the head of your Chartered Organization. They are not actually registered members of the BSA. No fees are paid, no YPT or AB506 is required, no background check is run, they may not serve as two-deep leadership for your unit, and they may not “Multiple” into another position. However, if they register in a different position, then they will need to complete an application, YPT and AB506 and pay the applicable registration fees. Executive Officers should not be marked “Multiple” because they are not registered members of the BSA.

What position should we use for adults who want to stay overnight with our unit, but don’t want additional training requirements or commitment? 

Unit Scouter Reserve (ages 21+) and Unit College Scouter Reserve (ages 18-20). These are registered, background-checked positions for adults. They require an adult application, YPT, and AB506. They meet the requirements for adults staying overnight under the updated Youth Protection policies. There is no additional position-specific training. The fees are the same as for other registered adult leaders. Unit College Scouter Reserves do not fulfill the two-deep leadership requirement due to their age.

What does it mean to “Multiple” and how do I include “Multiples” on my recharter roster?

BSA requires that a person pay membership fees for one registration per year and allows that member to register in multiple positions and/or units without paying an additional fee. If a member is “Multiple” registered, it means that they have one “Primary” registration (the paid registration) and one or more non-paid registrations (the “Multiple” registrations). Examples: A member who is registered as a Pack’s Chartered Org Rep and Committee Chair; a member who is registered as a Den Leader, an Assistant Scoutmaster, and a Venturing Crew Advisor. 

It is important for units to know which of the member’s registrations will be their Primary (paid) registration and which will be their Multiple (non-paid) registration. Communicate with the other unit(s) to make sure that one unit is paying the fees, but not both. 

    • If neither unit marks the member as Multiple, then both units will be charged the fees and the person will be double paid. A refund can be processed for the duplicate registration but it is a long process and the fees will not be recovered quickly. Refunds will be deposited into your unit registration account at the council once the funds are received from National. 
    • If both units mark the member as Multiple, then no membership fees are paid for that individual. The person will be removed from your recharter roster. If that is not possible for some reason, the person’s membership will be expired. This person will need to renew their membership after the rechartering period.

Can a Merit Badge Counselor who paid the new $25 annual membership fee be a Multiple on my recharter roster?

No, Merit Badge Counselors may not Multiple into a unit level position. The full adult membership fee will be charged on your recharter roster. 

What is the minimum number of youth members and adult positions required on our recharter roster?

You will need a minimum of two paid youth members in order to submit your roster. If you have fewer than 5 youth members, including Unit/Venturing/Exploring Participants, the council will need to get approval prior to finalizing your recharter. 

The minimum adult positions required on your roster varies by unit type. 

Position Pack Troop Crew Ship Post
Executive Officer
Chartered Organization Rep.*
Committee Chair
Committee Members
Unit Leader***
Den Leader

*The Chartered Org Representative can also register as the Committee Chair or a Committee Member and may also be the Executive Officer. Other registered adult volunteers may not be registered in more than one position in the same unit.

**This requirement can be fulfilled with either 2 Committee Members OR 1 Committee Member and 1 New Member Coordinator. 

***Unit Leaders: Cubmaster (Packs), Scoutmaster (Troops), Crew Advisor (Crews), Skipper (Ships) and Post Advisor (Posts).

How do I know if there are issues to resolve before I can submit my recharter? 

Click the Validate button at the bottom right corner. This will open a pop up window showing you what issues, if any, remain. Green is good and ready to go. Yellow is a warning, meaning you can submit it to the council but the council will not be able to finalize until the issues are resolved. Red means you cannot submit until the issues are resolved in the recharter tool on your end.

Recharter Payments

What payment methods are available?

There are three payment methods available. Once you select your payment method, you will not be able to change it.

    • Credit Cards: The payment goes through instantly and no other steps are required. If there are any errors or issues with your recharter, we will not be able to make changes. There is a 3% fee if you pay with a credit card. 
    • EFT/e-Check: This money comes from your bank account, rather than a credit card. You will need to verify two microtransactions in order for the payment to process; if the microtransactions are not verified within 30 days, the payment will time out. If there are any errors or issues with your recharter, we will not be able to make changes. There is a $1.00 fee if you pay by EFT/e-Check. 
    • Pay at Council: If you pay at the council office with a credit card, there is a 3% fee. We do not offer PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. If there are errors or issues with your recharter, we can usually make changes. However, we will not finalize your recharter without payment. Without payment, your unit and its youth and adult memberships will expire on January 31, 2024; members registered on August 1, 2023 or later will still have valid memberships but will not belong to a unit. There is no additional fee if you pay with a check at the council office. 

For the EFT/e-Check payment method, what are microtransactions and how do I approve them? 

An automated email will be sent instructing you to verify two small transactions in your bank account if you select the EFT/e-Check payment method. It will have a link to click, where you will enter the amounts of the microtransactions (for example, they might be $0.02 and $0.03 cent transactions), and then the full payment will be processed. If the microtransaction verification step is not completed, the EFT payment will not go through and your recharter submission cannot be reviewed and finalized. It will time out after 30 days and you will need to redo the payment step. 

After Recharter Submission

I submitted my recharter. Am I done? What happens next? 

Once you submit your recharter, the unit and the council still have steps to complete.

    • Unit Responsibility: 
      • If you selected EFT/e-Check for your payment method, you must verify the microtransactions. 
      • An automated email will go out to Unit Key 3 members instructing the Chartered Organization Rep to approve the roster. The Committee Chair and Unit Leader can also perform this step, but they must do it in consultation and with approval of the COR.
      • You must email your signed Charter Agreement and Journey to Excellence scorecard to your Unit Commissioner or District Executive. You will need to separately download the Charter Agreement form and the Journey to Excellence scorecard. 
      • Pay fees if you selected the Pay at Council payment method.
      • Correct any issues discovered during the council review of your recharter submission. 
    • Council Responsibility:
      • Once the payment is complete in the recharter tool (or Pay at Council is selected) and the COR approval step is completed, the council will review the recharter, help the unit resolve any issues with their recharter submission and then finalize and “post” (submit) the recharter to National.

What is included in the Council’s review of my recharter?

We’ll be looking for issues such as: “Multiple” registrations without a paid membership in another unit/position, incomplete AB506, youth members who are now 18, adult volunteers who are incorrectly double registered and/or double paid, etc.

Recharter Assistance

Who do I contact if I have questions about the recharter process or have questions about my unit’s recharter? 

You can contact your Unit Commissioner, District Executive, or Council Registrar by phone, by email, or in-person at the Foster City Service Center or Palo Alto Service Center. Click here for contact information.

    • Stanford: Rand Mahoney
    • Discovery: Henry Reyes
    • Redwood: Ron Chang
    • Exploring: Kim Trask
    • Registrar: Adela Wright

I need help with the recharter tool. Is there someone at the Council who can help me?

Contact the Council Registrar at to schedule a zoom session with screen share or an appointment to troubleshoot in person at the Foster City Service Center. Over the phone can work depending on the questions or issues, but it can be difficult to guide you if we can’t see what you’re seeing in the recharter tool.

Is there a list of forms and websites that I might be helpful for recharter? 

Please see the table below.