Online Membership Renewal

Boy Scouts of America recently changed to Scouting America. This name change is not reflected everywhere yet, including in materials from the National organization.

Starting this year, membership renewal will not be completed as part of the recharter process. Instead, membership renewal will happen year round. Units will need to decide how they want their members to renew. 

  1. Have individual members renew their own memberships online.
  2. Have the Unit manage the online renewal process completely for all members.
  3. Choose a combination of managing specific renewals while having the remaining individuals renew their own memberships.

A series of renewal emails will be sent to the member (or the youth’s parent) and the Unit Key 3 Members, as explained below, beginning 60 days prior to membership expiration. The first wave of renewals are expected to begin this June and will continue monthly as memberships expire.

There is a 60-day lapse period, where the lapsed membership can be renewed online after expiration. The lapse period begins the day after the expiration date listed in the member’s renewal email and in the Unit reports found in my.scouting’s Organization Manger. 

Individuals are not registered during the 60-day lapse period and may not participate in Scouting activities, including meetings and overnight trips, until their registration is renewed.

After 60 days, a new application must be submitted, using the same Member ID number. The purpose of the lapse period is to allow members to easily renew online instead of being required to submit a new application.

Membership Fees

All memberships are valid for 12 months, with no shorter periods or prorated fees available. Membership fees are non-refundable. See the updated Membership Fee Chart for the Pacific Skyline Council, effective June 1. 

As noted in the fee chart linked above, beginning June 1, the Good Turn Assessment will be included in the Council Program Fee for youth members registering and renewing in Troops, Crews, and Ships. There is no change to the overall fee for these youth members, only a change in the way the Good Turn Assessment is collected.

There is no change at all to fees for Cub Scout youth, Exploring youth, Adult Leaders, or Merit Badge Counselors.

Unit fees must still be collected separately; they cannot be collected online as part of registration or renewal.

Renewal Emails

The series of emails will be sent 60, 45, 30, 7 and 1 day(s) before renewal and 7 days after renewal expiration. The current email subject line is Your BSA Membership is up for renewal. The current “From” name is Boy Scouts of America (

The renewal emails will be sent to the primary email address listed in the adult leader’s my.scouting profile or, in the case of youth members, to the primary email address listed in the parent’s my.scouting profile. To update an email address, the adult member or parent should log in at, click the My Profile button, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the updated email address and click the toggle to mark it Primary.

Key 3 Members might want to set up email filters and specific renewal notice folders so that renewals go to one place in their inbox and aren’t missed. Learn how to set up filters in Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook.

Sample Renewal Email

Multiples and Transfers During the Renewal Period

Once the membership renewal period opens, members who want to register in another Unit should complete their renewal in the current position first and then submit the transfer or multiple application the next day.

Renewal Methods

It is important for Units to clearly communicate renewal plans to their members so that there are no unintended membership lapses.

Renewals will happen year round, based on each member’s individual renewal date. 

Option 1: Individuals Renew Their Own Memberships Online (Default)

Membership renewal is the responsibility of the individual member, not the Unit’s responsibility.

This is the default membership renewal process. Unless the Unit Key 3 Members make a change in my.scouting, individuals will be required to renew their memberships online. The Unit should follow up with members who do not renew in a timely manner so that memberships do not unintentionally lapse.

When the family receives the renewal email, they can use the Click Here to Renew link to confirm their Unit and position, then pay the fees online via credit card or select the Pay at Council option to pay by check at the Foster City Service Center.

Adults and youth members who are registered in more than one Unit, or in more than one position, will be able to review and make adjustments or renew all of their memberships at once.

Scout Life Magazine subscriptions can also be added or removed during the online renewal process. 

Scouts or adult leaders who will not be returning after their membership expiration date can use the renewal link to indicate that they will “opt-out” of renewing. For example, Scouts who are turning 18 can indicate that they will not be renewing their membership. This should prevent further renewal emails from being sent and be visible on reporting available to the Unit.

Units do not need to collect National or Council fees (including the Good Turn Assessment), but will still need to collect any Unit-specific fees directly from their families.

Option 2: Unit Renews All Members

The Unit takes responsibility for renewing all youth and adult members.

If Units choose to manage membership renewal, they will need to collect National and Council membership fees, including the Good Turn Assessment, from their families or pay the fees from their Unit budget. Units will pay the fees online throughout the year via credit card, ACH or, if the Pay at Council option is selected, by check at the Foster City Service Center.

Units will follow the Steps for Units to Complete Online Renewals below to renew all members.

Option 3: Unit Renews Some Members, But Not All

A combination of Options 1 and 2 above, the Unit takes responsibility for renewing some members, while having other individuals responsible for renewing their own memberships.

The Unit collects all renewal fees for the selected members they are renewing or pays those fees from the Unit’s budget. The Unit does not collect renewal fees for individuals who are completing online renewal for themselves or their Scouts.

In order to avoid a membership lapse for returning youth and adults, Units that manage renewal for some members but not others will need to clearly communicate the Unit’s renewal plan to families.

Units will follow the Steps for Units to Complete Online Renewals below to renew specific members agreed upon by the Unit.

Reasons for Units to Manage Membership Renewals for Selected Members Only

  • Your Unit pays for all adult leader membership fees, but not youth.
  • Your Unit pays for all youth membership fees, but not adult leaders.
  • Your Unit offsets the cost of membership fees with fundraising or other financial assistance.

Steps for Units to Complete Online Renewals

If Units choose to manage renewals for some or all members, one of the Unit Key 3 Members will need to change a setting in my.scouting. This setting is what allows the Key 3 Members to select who they are paying for in the renewal process. 

  • Log into
  • Click the Menu button in the top left.
  • Select the correct Unit in the Organization drop down. 
  • Select Organization Manager.
  • On the Settings screen, scroll to the Renewal Payment option, and click the checkbox next to Unit will pay for renewal applications. 
  • Repeat for each Unit you wish to update.

Once the setting above is changed, the Unit Key 3 Members can select who to renew and who to drop (“opt-out”) and complete the renewal process. 

Units can follow the step-by-step guide to Unit Pay for Member Renewal provided by Scouting America to complete the process. 

This guide walks Units through each step, with clear screenshots, of how to renew and how to drop (“opt-out”) members.

Membership Renewal Reports for Unit Key 3 Members

There may be renewals each month, so Units will need to monitor membership renewals throughout the year. Scouting America has provided several reports to help with this. They are found in the Reports section of my.scouting’s Organization Manager. If someone other than the Key 3 Members is overseeing membership renewal, that person should be registered with the Unit and assigned in the Key 3 Delegate functional role so that they have access to this reporting.


Membership Renewal Reports

Renewals are also visible in the Roster section of my.scouting’s Organization Manager. Expand the Membership Renewal Orders and Unit Paid Membership Renewal Batches sections below the roster list to view renewal submissions. Renewals will not appear in Application Manager.

Renewal Section in Organization Manager

Members Who Do Not Renew

Individuals who do not renew cannot continue to participate in Scouting activities. Individuals not currently registered are not eligible for advancement, awards, or tenure earned during months for which they are not registered.

Sometimes families want to renew for part of the year, but not the full 12 month membership term. If a youth or adult leader wants to participate for part of a year, they will need to renew for a full year. Scouting America does not provide exceptions to this 12 month membership policy. Fees cannot be prorated. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Youth who will turn 18 during their membership year have several options to continue in Scouting so that they can continue to receive value out of their membership. They can participate in a Venture Crew or Sea Scout Ship until they turn 21 years old. They can join their Troop’s adult leadership as a Unit College Scouter Reserve or Assistant Scoutmaster. If they are going out of the area for college, they can transfer their membership in these positions to a Unit in their college’s local Council. 

Other youth or adults who want to participate for part of the year but not the full 12 months will also need to renew for the full year. This includes members who might be moving out of the area, members who only want to participate through the end of the school year, or members who have not yet decided to join a Scouts BSA Troop after completing Cub Scouts. Members who are moving out of the area can transfer their membership to another Unit or Council. Members who leave Scouting during their membership year can return anytime prior to their membership expiration date, either with the same Unit or another, without paying additional National or Council fees.

There are no additional National or Council fees to transfer a valid membership from one Unit or Council to another.

Contact Us

Contact the Council Registrar, Adela Wright, at if you have questions about online renewal or need help with your my.scouting account. You can also contact your Unit Commissioner or District Executive for assistance.

Updated 5/10/2024