Exploring firefighters learning automobile rescue

A co-ed program, Exploring units, or “posts”, focus on a single career field, such as law enforcement, fire, search & rescue, or medical, and are sponsored by a local government or business entity.

Exploring is a program for young men and women ages 14-20 (or 13 and completed eighth grade). Young adults involved in Exploring will gain practical knowledge of and experience in a career, and engage in a program of activities centered on career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character development, and leadership experience to encourage the development of the whole person. They also have opportunities to take on leadership roles; and have a chance to learn and grow in a supportive caring, and fun environment.

To see a list of Exploring Posts, click here.
To learn more, click here to visit the national Exploring page, or contact Kim Trask of our office at (650) 341-5633 or kim.trask@scouting.org.