Cub Scout Fall Recruitment

Looking to grow your pack? Here are some helps!

“Before we can put Scouting’s values into youth, we have to put youth into Scouting.”

The purpose of a Recruitment Night is to enroll Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts in existing Cub Scout Packs, to enlist parent participation in the program, and to organize new units for youth who want to join.


•  To increase the number of youth served by the Boy Scouts of America.
•  To showcase the Cub Scout program.  Show that Cub Scouting is fun!
•  To provide parents with information about their role in Cub Scouting, including advancement, Pack participation, and support.
•  To recruit new leaders.  Assist the Pack and chartered organization in the selection and enrollment of new adult leaders.

2019 Membership Calendar Key Dates

•  August 12 – Schedule two Fall Recruitment Nights and turn in Pack Recruitment Plan
•  August 12 – Update pin
•  1st Day of School – Recruitment Night promotion begins (yard signs, fliers, B2S nights, uniform days, etc.)
•  By 2nd week of school – Host your first pack Fall Recruitment Night
•  By October 11 – Host your second pack Fall Recruitment Night
•  After Recruitment Night – Fall recruitment applications due
•  By November 1 – Turn in an updated pack roster to your district executive or district

The Basics

•  New for 2019 – Adults can apply online!
•  New for 2019 – Geofencing – FREE to your unit!*
•  Host Recruitment Night within the first 2 weeks of school and no later than 4 weeks.
•  Never hold the recruitment in combination with a pack meeting or school sponsored back to school program/open house.
•  All adult leaders must be approved by the chartered organization.
•  Essential Pack leaders (cubmaster, committee chairperson, den leadership, and charter Representative) should be in place before the recruitment night is held.
•  Organize new dens with 5-6 Scouts, to allow room for future growth.  Grow existing dens.
•  Encourage new youth to bring friends.
•  Training is vital for new leaders. Direct all new leaders to online or in-person training.

*New this year, Geofencing! When we receive your recruitment night info, the national council of the BSA will geofence your event for free! Geofencing is a location-based service that is used to notify audiences of relevant messages to the target audience via Facebook. Ex: When moms drive within a 2-mile radius of the event location, within two weeks of the event, they receive an invitation on Facebook on their smart device. Once geofencing has begun, it is not possible to change event information, so please be sure to submit accurate information. Note: We need at least three weeks of lead time to properly promote your event, so please submit Recruitment Promotional material Order Form in a timely fashion.

Geofencing How-to Video:
Order free Promotional Materials online here.

2019 Cub Pack Recruitment Guide
2019 Cub Pack Recruitment Plan
2019 Recruitment Promotional Materials Order Form
100-Point Adult Participation Form Parents can choose what they’d like to volunteer for, with the goal of a total of 100 points.