Capital Projects

Major funding is needed for these current projects.

Bob Keller Memorial Amphitheater – Boulder Creek Scout Reservation

Total cost $150,000
Still needed $75,000

Keller Amphitheater rendering
Generators – Cutter Scout Reservation

Total cost $100,000
Still needed $100,000

Completed projects by camp

Camp Oljato

Latrine 3 – Camp Oljato
Camp Oljato Scouts will have a brand new restroom and shower facility to use at 2022 Summer Camp!
Oljato new latrine #3 finished
Infrastructure: Water and Electrical – 2021
Our 25K gallon water tank and many sections of 4″ pipe were repaired. Camp Oljato lost its electrical infrastructure and also that from Southern California Edison (SCE) due to the 2020 Creek Fire. Pacific Skyline Council has signed a contract with Westech Electric to restore the camp’s electrical infrastructure. This is a major effort that will not be completed until June 2022. Power lines can no longer be placed on trees with the threat of fire, and where there is solid granite, lines may have to be placed into special conduits. This work will be completed before the start of summer sessions 2022.
Pantry Repair – 2021
The Dining Hall Pantry had its eave damaged when the large Jeffrey pine fell at the end of the Creek Fire. Painting will be done in the spring.
BCSR kitchen, deck and canopy
Archery & Shotgun Sheds – 2021
Brand new program sheds (lost to the fire in 2020) have been rebuilt!
Archery and shotgun sheds
The Doghouse – 2021
We have replaced our old Doghouse (well building) with a much larger metal structure. The building had to be metal since its doubling in size required significant weight reduction.
Campsite Cleanup – 2021
Chris Morrison organized many volunteers to come to Camp Oljato and help with sawyering and camp cleanup. We also had a professional logger take down about 450 large trees and remove them from Scout areas. Additional campsite cleanup will continue next spring before any Scout sessions.
End of a cut log

Boulder Creek Scout Reservation

Kitchen, Deck and Canopy – 2021
Several kitchen repairs were completed in June, 2021. The standing freezer and a standing refrigerator were replaced. Also, the ovens and stove were cleaned and serviced. The restroom was repaired and its water heater was replaced with a flash heater.
More dramatically, the deck was completely replaced and the canopy was replaced with a new $20K canopy shown in the picture. Lighting was done by Steve Wong.
BCSR kitchen, deck and canopy
The CampMaster Cabin – 2021
David Fichou organized and constructed a 120 sq. ft. cabin (with a porch) that was used as a Program Office and CampMaster Cabin this summer.
Boulder Creek Scout Reservation Campmaster cabin
Rifle and Shotgun Shooting Ranges – 2021
A small 5-person shotgun range was added left of the rifle range. 20 trees were dropped next to the ranges. The area was leveled using a skid steer. The ranges were used for the summer sessions.

Cutter Scout Reservation

Camp Cleanup Finally Done – 2021
Post-wildfire camp cleanup is completed by county and FEMA-organized crews. Currently, there is no Scouting in the camp. We are still in the process of planning to restore buildings. Much work was placed on insurance claims.