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Looking for Summer or Seasonal Employment? Summer Camp and year-round seasonal employment at these camps can be rewarding, enjoyable and fun.

Opportunities for age 14 and over:

Our camps are proud to offer a Counselor in Training (CIT) program to teach leadership and instruction skills. It also provides those interested in joining the staff a better idea of what jobs they may be interested in the future. Individuals age 14 and older may also apply for Day Camp Staff. Learn more & apply.

Opportunities for age 16 and over:

Handicraft Staff, Kitchen Staff, Nature Staff, Scoutcraft Staff, Lifeguard.

Opportunities for age 18 and over:

Asst. Cook, Climbing Staff, Camp Commissioner, Dining Hall Steward, Handicraft Director, Health Officer, Maintenance Staff, Nature Director, Scoutcraft Director, Shooting Sports Staff, Trading Post Manager, Trading Post Clerk, Aquatics Staff, Sailing Staff.

Opportunities for age 21 and over:

Aquatics Director, Business Manager, Chaplain, Climbing Director, Cook, Food Service Director, Harbormaster, Shooting Sports Director, Asst. Shooting Sports Director.



Contact our office at (650) 341.5633 x113.

How Do I Benefit by Working at Camp?

We want to give local Scouts an opportunity to become contributing members of the staff for our events at Oljato, Cutter Scout Reservation, Boulder Creek Scout Reservation or Day Camp.

We realize being an event staff member is an incredible life and work experience that has numerous lasting benefits. Camp staff members learn and improve many important skills including:

  • Leadership skills
  • Teaching skills
  • Learning to get along with others
  • How to motivate others
  • How to work effectively on a team
  • The value and satisfaction of hard work
  • Lasting friendships
Some exciting developments about our properties we want you to know about:
  • We listened to camper feedback and made significant capital investments in the camps over the last 7 years including: Waterfront, Handicraft, Nature, Kitchen, Cooks Cabin, Medical Lodge, Latrines, Dining Hall Roof, and General Infrastructure.
  • Oljato was recognized by National in 2014 as the most improved Camp in the Area for program and facilities and had the additional distinction of doing so in a year with the challenges of a drought.
  • Cutter Scout Reservation was honored to run an inaugural ATV Pilot program for National at summer camp. In conducting feedback sessions it was found that many of the Scouts were Eagles who had not been to Cutter Summer Camp before and had only decided to attend camp this year because of that activity. Those that came for the ATV program also participated in our Advanced Camper Experience and raved about the incredible experience they had with that whole program which is geared to those older Scouts no longer working on Merit Badges.
Becoming a member of the Camp Staff is the premier opportunity for leadership and volunteerism which are an integral part of making Scouting programs throughout the Council much stronger.

We are looking forward to working with a number of outstanding youth leaders this summer,

Pacific Skyline Council Camping Committee

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