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Troop service project

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Troop Service Project

Camp Oljato welcomes units to do service projects while in camp. This is an important part of the camping experience and helps Scouts feel a sense of ownership in Camp Oljato. The ranger staff will tailor projects to your troop’s skill, overall age, and ability level. If you have any ideas about the service project you would like to perform, simply let us know. Tuesday evening—troop friend night—is designed for Scouts to have a chance to work on service projects with their troop friends.

Adult Service Opportunities

There are many facility improvements that are on going at Camp Oljato. We are always looking for people who would like to help make Camp Oljato a better place. If you would like to participate in cutting wood, repairing buildings, plumbing, and roofing or in any other project that would require special tools, feel free to bring your own equipment. If you have a special skill set and would like to share it during your stay at Camp Oljato, do not hesitate to let the Camp Director know. You can always call the Camp at (801) 589.0587 to find out what type of projects we are working on at the moment.