Arrival at Camp

Camp Oljato barge

Please do not show up before the scheduled arrival time on the first day of camp.

Once there, a staff member will be waiting to assist you with equipment, the trip into camp, camp orientation, and getting settled into your troop site.

Boat service across the lake on Sunday will begin at 12:30pm. You will be assigned a time about ten days before your arrival. As you arrive at the Scout dock, you will be guided to camp and helped by your Troop Friend while you settle into your home for a week.

Lunch is not served in camp on Sunday, please plan accordingly.


Camp Oljato Boat Schedule

ON ARRIVAL DAY, SUNDAY, please arrive at your appointed time.

Boats start at 12:30pm and continue until all troops have been shuttled into camp, the final boat leaving for camp at 4:30pm.

Scheduled boat runs Monday through Friday times are “CAMP TIME” leaving Oljato (meaning, approximate).

  • 1:00pm mail pick up at public dock.
  • Additional boat trips may be scheduled by request but a fee will be charged.
  • Weekday boat times are subject to change and may vary due to camp needs.
  • Call the camp for current times before arrival. (559) 893-3393.

ON DEPARTURE DAY, SATURDAY, Troop departures are scheduled during the week, but generally run from 6:00am – 9:00am