Equipment List

Camping gear illustration
General Gear List

□ Scout Handbook, merit badge pamphlets, health forms, etc.
□ Full Scout uniform: shirt, shorts, socks and belt (Scouts should wear full uniform correctly at morning and evening assembly, meals, and as color guard.)
□ Light jacket and light sweater or sweatshirt (light layers of clothing are lighter and warmer than a heavy jacket.)
□ Light rain suit or poncho
□ Extra pair of shoes or boots
□ Extra Scout uniform parts: shirt, socks, etc.
□ Underwear and tee shirts (at least 4 sets)
□ Extra socks (at least 4 pairs)
□ Sweatshirt
□ Swim trunks
□ Hat
□ Handkerchiefs or Kleenex packs
□ Shorts and at least one pair of jeans
□ Lightweight long or short sleeve shirts (non-uniform)
□ Backpack (especially for overnighter) or duffel bag
□ Sleeping bag
□ Sleeping pad or lightweight air mattress
□ Eating utensils (for in-camp cooking and overnighter): minimum of a bowl, spoon and a Sierra cup
□ Canteen or water bottle
□ Toilet kit: soap, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, towel
□ Small personal first aid kit
□ Small flashlight and extra batteries
□ Small pocket-knife (NO SHEATH KNIVES)
□ Money: $50 allows an adequate amount of spending money
□ Scout Handbook, merit badge pamphlets, health forms, etc.
□ Pen/pencil, notebook, paper, stamps, envelopes or postcards

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Optional Gear List:

□ Camera
□ Mosquito repellent and sunglasses
□ Fishing gear
□ Book

Optional Troop/Patrol Equipment:

□ Battery or propane lanterns
□ Rope and binder twine
□ Ground cloths (for the wooden floors of tents)
□ Troop first aid kit
□ Patrol and troop flags
□ Water containers
□ Dutch oven, griddle, extra cook kit pieces, etc.

Please Do Not Bring:

□ Comic books
□ Sheath knives, axes
□ Pistols
□ iPods, radios
□ Rifles
□ Bows and arrows
□ Drugs (non-prescription)
□ Open toe shoes or sandals
□ Cell Phones, PDA’s, Computer

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