Merit Badges

Oljato merit badge class

The process of earning a merit badge at camp is the same as earning one back home.


Briefly, the necessary steps a Scout must take to earn a merit badge are:


  • Pick a subject and talk with the Scoutmaster to receive pre-approval. Get a SIGNED merit badge card and fill out the personal data sections in ink before coming to camp.
  • Acquire the merit badge pamphlet and read all requirements. Work on requirements that are likely not able to be completed while at camp and bring to class.
  • Work with the counselor while at camp to complete all requirements. Arrangements can be made for other meeting times above and beyond the camp program schedule.
  • Do what’s required. A Scout is required to do all of the requirements as stated – no more and no less. If it says, “show or demonstrate,” then that is exactly what must be done. The same applies for words such as “make,” “list,” “collect,” “write,” “identify,” “describe,” “in the field.”