Scouts sailing three boats on Huntington Lake

Huntington Lake offers some of the best water recreation in the Sierra Nevada


Camp Oljato’s swim area operates in strict accordance with BSA policies and is used for merit badges, rank advancement instruction, and free-time swims. Although the water temperature is usually safe for regular water-related Scouting activities, there might be times during the beginning of the summer when it is slightly colder than normal. THE WATER AT OLJATO IS CONSIDERED COLD BY MOST.


Camp Oljato provides sailboats, catamarans, kayaks, canoes, and rowboats. Huntington Lake is home to world-class sailing. We recommend that you and your Scouts take advantage of the great sailing opportunities offered during free- time. In accordance with BSA’s Safety Afloat, everyone in a water vessel must wear a life vest and have passed the BSA swimmer test. Any camper who is a non-swimmer can take a sailboat ride, but only with a certified BSA Lifeguard. An orientation and demonstration of ability is required to use equipment. It is highly recommended that each camper bring a wetsuit if they plan on spending a lot of time using the boats or other water vessels.

Mile Swim

This is an individual activity that is open to all campers, Scouts and adult leaders alike who pass their BSA swimmer test. The mile swim is a program that consists of an 800 yard swim on Tuesday, a half-mile swim on Thursday, and a full mile swim on Friday. Swimmers must participate in all three swims in order to receive the Mile Swim Award. In addition, they will need another troop member to be their buddy and help them count laps. The Waterfront Director will assign times, locations, and equipment to be utilized.

BSA Lifeguard

This program is for older Scouts (14 and older) and adult leaders. It will take about 30 hours to complete during the week and will require the person to work on requirements during all three merit badge hours, all day Wednesday, and most of the free-time throughout the week. The candidates will work closely with our waterfront staff throughout the week and learn all aspects of lifeguard skills and waterfront operation. If interested, please contact the waterfront director on Monday morning during swim checks.

It is highly encouraged that at least one adult member in each troop certify. This will allow troops and units to participate in all water activities throughout the year while being covered by the rules and regulations outlined in the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting.
**Note: There has to be at least 4 participants in the program during the week in order to run the class**

Fishing Program

Camp Oljato is a great place to fish and because of this encourages participation in the BSA’s Take Me Fishing program. The stocked waters of Huntington Lake offer many chances to catch your fair share of Rainbow Trout. We recommend that fishermen practice catch and release, although you can keep the fish if you plan on cooking it in your campsite (note: the kitchen cannot store fish for you in the refrigerator). We also recommend the use of barbless hooks for easy release of the fish after they are caught. Please come to camp prepared to fish with your own equipment. The camp will have a few poles and basic equipment that can be used, but this equipment will be used primarily for those who are en- rolled in the fishing merit badge class. We recommend that you bring your own fishing equipment if you want to fish.

Anyone 16 years of age and older must have a current fishing license to take any kind of fish, mollusk, invertebrate, amphibian or crustacean in California. Camp Oljato will NOT have fishing licenses for sale. We recommend purchasing the appropriate license at your local sporting goods store prior to coming to camp. If you do not get a chance to do this, however, you can purchase fishing licenses at the Lakeshore General Store. Make sure you have valid identification on your person in order to purchase a California State fishing license. When fishing at Camp Oljato it is the campers’ responsibility to know the California State fishing guidelines. Please be aware of and know that Camp Oljato will enforce all California State fishing regulations.