Medical Care

Camp Oljato Health Lodge
  • Bring completed BSA health form to camp and present it to health officer on arrival.
  • Our health staff is for emergencies, not routine care. If simple scrapes for example, Scouts should utilize their own first aid kit or their Troops first aid kits. Take care of general health at home.
  • Persons requiring electrical power in the tent for medical reasons must make arrangements in advance.

Health Lodge

Normal hours of operation

8:30am – 9:00pm
The health officer is normally at the Health Lodge. If not, a sign will be posted stating where the officer is. If you need the health officer to come to you, any program staff can contact the health officer via radio.

Urgent situations outside of normal hours

9:00pm – 8:30am
For urgent situations between outside of normal hours that need professional assistance, the health officer is available 24 hours a day. Please ring the doorbell to awaken the officer during nighttime hours.

  • Scout medications are stored in lockers.
  • You will receive more instructions upon arrival at camp.
  • Read and understand Wellness at Camp Oljato