Camper writing a letter homeThe “danger time” for homesickness is between dinner and bedtime.

Scouts who are new to a week-long, high-exertion camp may become easily exhausted at the high pace of activities. They can also become easily overwhelmed. Please consider a low-key activity, such as a game of cards or star gazing, before bedtime to help them settle down and be better prepared for the next day.

The “danger time” for homesickness is between dinner and bedtime when activities slow down and they start thinking about what they are missing at home. Many are unfamiliar with entertaining themselves without TV or video games.

Be pro-active in providing campsite activities or games to pass some time. Within a few days it settles down and before they know it, it will be time to go home and they will not want to leave. Consider assigning a “seasoned” Scout to buddy up with the new Scout who can provide emotional support and help keep him from feeling alone.

Experience has taught us that letting the Scout call home and talk to their parents will only result in reinforcing their homesickness. Acknowledge their feelings, then redirect them to something like taking them to Handicraft to make a souvenir to show their family when they get home.