Service Opportunities

The Pacific Skyline Council provides these (and other) service opportunities each year.

Memorial Day Grave Decoration

Come place flags at Golden Gate National Cemetery to pay tribute to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.


During the month of November, units are asked to complete a service project of their choice to benefit their charter organization, their meeting location, or their immediate community. Be sure to report your service hours.

  • November
Camp Work Parties

If you are interested in donating money to support our camps or volunteering to help with wildfire recovery projects, please click a link.
To help now: DONATE to the rebuild effort
To help later: Sign up to VOLUNTEER

Help Our Communities Celebrate July 4th with Flags!

We know many families can’t be together this July 4th, and due to the pandemic many people have not been able to prepare for the celebration. Especially those individuals with autoimmune diseases or the elderly. We had to celebrate Memorial Day virtually and during these times it is important that we come together and show our love for this country by displaying a flag on Independence Day! That is why our council is offering American flags to anyone who wants them. Reach out to your community through social media (NextDoor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and ask who would like one and how to get it to them. Reach out to care homes in the area and ask how many they would like or if you can set up a table outside. Reach out to veteran associations or military organizations in your area and help them celebrate this year! We need your unit’s help to provide these flags to everyone who wants them! If your pack or troop wants to participate please reach out to Todd McGee who can schedule a time for you to pick up any flags you need to make this possible! Think how amazing it will be to see every house and business displaying a flag this July 4th!